My Work

I am a Certified Salesforce Consultant, administrator, developer, trainer, and behavioural coach all rolled into one.

How did I become a Salesforce Consultant?

I started my career within internal sales, then moved on to account/customer management using hard-to-use CRM’s.

One fateful day, my Sales Director appointed me to “look after the CRM” and improve it to help my fellow sales teammates. Fast forward a few CRM’s and projects later, I found Salesforce in 2013.

With the help of a project team, I led my first successful Salesforce greenfield implementation that revolutionised the way sales teams and customers engaged with the business.

Since then, I have changed careers to become an implementation expert in Salesforce and a behavioural coach to help sales leaders develop the right high-value behaviours to maximise productivity and revenue.

Whilst Salesforce is my platform of choice, I am also an expert with NetSuite and developing integrations with a range of other apps.

Currently, I work for an award-winning Salesforce ISV Partner called CloudApps as Senior Consultant & Customer Success Manager.

My Approach

You cannot simply add value to your customers by just implementing technology to fix or change your business. People are your biggest asset and it’s my belief that for any technical improvements you make, your people must be ready, and able, to make the journey.

Whilst I may be a technical expert in CRM applications, I am also an experienced behavioural specialist. For many years, I’ve been training teams to become more productive and coaching leaders to become better mentors; focusing on developing their people.

Why is it important to invest in your people when implementing new technology?

To put it simply; you can invest in a high-performance sports car, but if the driver doesn’t know how to handle it, they are likely to crash it into a tree. Then you’re left with a mangled car and you’ve lost your investment.

My job is simple. I am here to help businesses get the most from their technology investments, whilst ensuring people are able to get the maximum horsepower out of the tools available.

The end result?

Your business will drive better deals and succeed in adding customer value.

What are my special powers?

Project Management

Extensive experience in leading Agile and Waterfall implementation projects spanning a wide range of organisations across the world.

Salesforce Expert

Certified Salesforce Consultant covering Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, App Development and Advanced Administration.

Solution Design

For those moments where you need an innovative solution to a problem, I can extend Salesforce and broader technologies to work in harmony.


Experienced in developing with Apex, JavaScript, C#, Python, VisualForce, SuiteScript 1.0 & 2.0, Lightning Components, Heroku, PHP, CSS, HTML.

Training and Coaching

Expert in developing and delivering training in business applications,  sales skills, effective leadership and management skills.

Behavioural Analysis

Experienced in analysing behavioural performance in individuals and teams, and advising businesses on how to motivate them.

Salesforce Certifications

Looking for my resume?

If you’re interested to find out more about my professional work or experience, you can see my full CV/Resume.

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